Welcome to the world of KIKI & SEBBY® – where luxury meets innovation. We are a multi-award- winning brand, celebrated for our sumptuous nursery furniture and exquisite soft goods, meticulously crafted to cradle the future.

Inspired by our children’s boundless creativity, innocence, and purity, we go above and beyond to bring you sustainable, safe, and unparalleled baby products. Each creation is a blend of art, design, and innovation, embodying our love for the little ones.

Our journey began as a unique fusion of three passionate minds: a surgeon’s visionary, a banker’s meticulous, and a designer’s vision – KIKI & SEBBY® was birthed. Together, they intend for a world where baby products aren’t just safe and functional but are works of art that echo a parent’s unconditional love and promise.

Join us at the MITAS Fair, Stand F40. Let KIKI & SEBBY® show you a world where every baby product tells a story of love, care, and undying commitment today!

Key products

Our SBROUT® nursery furniture isn’t just multifunctional but a testament to sustainable craftsmanship. A recipient of numerous accolades, it has been praised for its ground-breaking eco-friendly materials, a harmonious blend of design elegance, and unparalleled durability. Its esteemed recognitions include awards from the likes of Junior Design Awards (UK), Project Baby Magazine (UK), Absolutely Mama (UK), and even being a finalist at the revered Progressive Preschool (UK) and Kind + Jugend ASEAN Innovation Award.

Our soft goods collection, ranging from muslin squares to snug sleeping bags, is created with nature’s finest – sustainable, OEKO-TEX-certified fabrics. We ensure every fabric we choose is not just kind to the delicate skin of babies but also to our beloved Earth. Garnering awards such as Best Brand for a New Baby, Best Baby Muslin from the Bambini Baby Awards (UK), and several more from distinguished platforms like Kind + Jugend Asean and BANTA Award (UK), we’ve proven time and again our commitment to excellence.


Deals at MITAS BabyShow 2023

Kiki & Sebby will be participating in MITAS BabyShow 2023 at F40.

More deals coming soon..