Lilo is a Award Winning local brand in Singapore manufacturing 100% food powders (ikan bilis/ mushroom/scallop/white bait/kombu/Shrimp/Corn/Purple Sweet Potato) in our very own SFA licensed factory in Singapore. Our powders are suitable for babies 6 months and above and for health loving adults.

Lilo is made in Singapore specially created to add nutrients to a meal and to enhance the flavour of food for our family, especially our little ones WITHOUT adding MSG, Salt or preservatives. Skip the hassle of toiling in your kitchen for hours. Whipping up a naturally delicious and nutritious meal has never been easier. A sprinkle of Lilo is all it takes! More than just a stock, Lilo Natural Food Powders is an ideal flavour enhancer for all kinds of dishes and can even be used as a salt substitute for those who are seeking a healthier diet.


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